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Distilled spirits & Biofuels


Angel is fermentation and fermentation nutrition experts, providing Yeast and yeast products with the best service and solutions for the production of biofuels, wine, beer, and other brewing liquor. All our products are natural, safe, and of high quality, creates value for Biofuels, wine and brewing customers through continuously upgraded products and professional services.

Main products:


Beer yeast:

Main beer dry yeast manufacturer in the world, providing high quality of Lager and Ale beer dry yeasts and yeast nutrients for beer factory; craft beer; homebrew, satisfy the needs of customers to brew various styles of beer.

Wine yeast and ingredients:

Yeast is an important factor in wine production; Angel Yeast is important supplier of wine yeast, yeast derivates and yeast nutrients in the world, providing natural, safe, and of high quality products and technical solution, helping customers optimized fermentation process, improve wine quality

Alcohol yeast:

One of the world’s main fermentation ingredients supplier, angel yeast supply alcohol yeast and yeast nutrients for alcohol/bio-fuels producers, helping ethanol plant raise the level of fermentation technology, creates value through high quality products and professionals service.


Application technology

- High concentration alcohol fermentation technology
- Alcohol SSF synchronous diastatic fermentation technology
- Alcohol fermentation yeast control technology
- Ester increase technology of aroma-yeast in distilled spirit fermentation
- Production failure prevention technology of distilled spirit production in summer
- Wine and fruit wine fermentation technology 

- Spirits/alcohol fermentation technology
- Beer fermentation technology


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Angel Distilled spirits and Biofuels attended the 4th Beviale Moscow2019

Angel Distilled spirits and Biofuelsbring the beer series yeast and home brewing small packaging at the exhibition, new yeast strains such as beer yeast WA18 have become the focus of this year's exhibition promotion, and product packaging upgrades appear more specialized. According to the demand of the Russian home brewing market, we launched the small-package yeast products in the expo, attracted the enthusiastic attention of the vistors.

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