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Angel has applied the clean production technology to its production from the very beginning。 The high-concentration organic fermented water, through evaporation, drying, and granulation, are made into bio-organic fertilizer, which is the ideal organic fertilizer for green food and pollution-free agricultural products。

The yeast source organic fertilizer has the advantages of being nutritional, efficient, environmental friendly, soil-improving, etc。, and it is suitable for the application of high added value agricultural products, animal husbandry and economic crops。 Angel is the founder of yeast source organic fertilizer, and the products all have passed through the EU Organic Certification and China Organic Certification。


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The worrisome millennium yam

On March 19, "Angel fubon yeast source nutrient organic fertilizer 'landmark crop' planting line 2019" was officially opened in Hebei Province, sponsored by Agricultural Materials Guide, Southern Rural News and Angel Yeast co., ltd. and co-organized by Nongteng agricultural technology co., ltd. of Shijiazhuang.

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